Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. You may not have known this, but each kernel on an ear of corn is actually an individual (it is a massacre when you can a ear of corn!). Presuming there is a single gene for kernel color. If you had pure yellow corn and cross fertilized it with pure purple corn what would the genotype of the parental and F1 generation be?If you then let the F1 generation self fertilize (randomly) the image attached is what you might get.-Count “offspring”-What is the phenotype ratio?•Divide ratio down to simplest level     For example: 274:84 = 3.2:1 (divide the larger number by the smaller)-Which trait appears dominant?-What would you expect to see from Mendelian genetics?  – How did your ratio compare?- What might explain any differences?

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help