Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Solutions to Overpopulation. It needs to be at least 1500 words.Consequently, this migration poses a shortage of people in remote areas and cause to stress in urban as well. Moreover, advanced medicine means a longer life span that result in the unequal balance between birth and death rate which in its turn gives rise to the lack of basic needs for the whole populace. Furthermore, overpopulation leads to environmental degradation due to pressure on natural resource. However, the issue of overpopulation can be tackled by providing financial incentives to small size families and diminishing poverty rate as well as achieving equal balance between birth and death rate. The first viable solution that could ameliorate the problem of overpopulation is to offer financial bonuses to the low sized families. In population control, money can be utilized as a form motivation to encourage people to a decrease in fertility rate. As Berelson states money is proven to be one of the most powerful motivators.(Cited in Donner, 2010a).Therefore, it is likely that people’s desire towards money will discourage them from having more children and large families. According to Donner (2010) financial incentives in the form of credits for the couples who decided to limit number of children would be an excellent motivation to curb family size. This policy could be implemented by creating a program that provides a credit to the couples by the government when they have their first or even second child but refunding the given credits as long as they exceed this number.

Art, Music, and Creative Writing homework help