Hi, I need help with essay on A proposal for security camera installation at Marbrisa Apartment. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!But the privacy of the tenants should in no way be harmed by these cameras.I ask you to regard the included proposal and give it a serious consideration as it is a basic step to give Marbarisa Apartments a safe and secure environment and it is necessary to maintain its prestigious status and collectively build the apartment and its surrounding area’s reputation. Marbarisa Apartments provides a unique neighborhood and district as well as comfortable dwelling homes. On-site management staff tries to provide the comfort and security that was assured when the tenants rented the apartment. However, Burglaries, robberies, vandalism and outdoor damages are gravely prevailing in the apartment and its surroundings’ what is more confusing is, these increases are not observed in the nearby areas or other apartments.Criminals attack unexpectedly and our police department should have proper equipments to help reduce these incidences. Thus, the residents of the Marbarisa Apartment are proposing to install closed circuit television or surveillance cameras for security reasons. These cameras should be strategically placed specially in the areas affected by higher crime rates.There are numerous benefits of the camera surveillance. This will make the residents and the police more confident about the security situation of the apartment, Apartments which have adopted this particular measure, present substantial decrease in crime rate.It is imperative for the management of the apartment to provide the safety and security that is assured while renting the apartments as it is continuously damaging the reputation. The whole area covered by the building is very large and there are numerous advantages for the criminals and vandals to break in any time of the day.No matter how many security measures taken by the local police of the area such as emergency text messages, call box, safety awareness and safety precautions guide, the crime rate is still prevailing compare to

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