A) How the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic has affected you personally and has changed your world view.
B) Social workers responsibilities and roles during the pandemic.
C) Barriers or challenges that social workers may face
D) Put yourself in the role of a social worker during the current pandemic. How would you help and bring relief to people impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Your paper must be at least THREE FULL pages. If you go more than four pages that is fine. This paper is to be done in APA format. The 3 to 4 page criteria DO NOT include your cover page or your reference page. This final exam is due December 19, 2020 (Sat.) by 8pm. You are welcome and urged to submit it before the due date (I highly suggest you do not procrastinate and wait to the last minute). Your sources can come from anywhere, just be sure to cite the source in APA style in the body of your paper and on your reference page.