Anthropology homework help. The Accuweather Corporation manufactures barometers and thermometersfor weather forecasters. In an attempt to forecast its future needs for mercury,Accuweather’s chief economist estimated average monthly mercury needs as:N = 500 + 10Xwhere N = monthly mercury needs (units) and X = time period in months(January 2005 = 0). The following monthly seasonal adjustment factors havebeen estimated using data from the past ve years:Month Adjustment FactorJanuary 15%April 10%July -20%September 5%December -10%a. Forecast Accuweather’s mercury needs for January, April, July, September,and December of 2007.b. The following actual and forecast values of mercury needs in the month ofNovember have been recorded:Year Actual Forecast2004 456 4802005 324 3602006 240 240What seasonal adjustment factor should the rm use for November?

Anthropology homework help