Anthropology homework help. Need an argumentative essay on Kissmat Konnections Brand Management. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism.The impressive growth of the brand is largely attributed to the growing market demand for quality products in the cosmetic industry. The brand positioning of Kissmat Konnections relates to high-quality cosmetic products available at different price ranges to cater to an increased market segment. This strategy has made a huge difference in the current market shares of the company. The attractive price ranges and availability of high-quality products at affordable prices has appealed to the masses and this has induced sales at the counters. One of the significant features of the brand positioning of Kissmat Konnections is its promotional campaigns that have made a distinct impression on the consumers. Brand positioning consists of how a particular brand is better and different from its competitors. It assesses the functional aspects of products and services. It signifies the ability to command a position in the consumer minds and distinct its qualities in terms of service value from the competitive brands existing in the industry. The Kissmat Konnections logo used in its promotional campaigns appeals to the consumers that relate to the passion factor. Selling cosmetic products is a challenging task since the functional aspects of various brands remain the same and it is the differentiation factor that triggers sales and demand. Consumers of cosmetic products get emotionally bonded with the brands they use and it is very rare for them to change brands often. Hence, brand positioning plays a critical role in increasing market shares and success of the cosmetic products in the market. Additionally, the brand name Kissmat Konnections has an intriguing impact on the consumers and this is one of the reasons for its success in the markets. The name has registered well with the consumers owing to its uniqueness and the offbeat nature of the brand name has managed to generate sufficient interest and curiosity in the consumers.

Anthropology homework help