Anthropology homework help. Write a 6 page essay on Consultancy Project.A warehouse that requires little or no electric lighting during daylight hours reduces significantly the amount of energy it consumes. In relation to distribution, the items that Amazin supplies to customers are packaged and transported and both processes can have a negative impact on the environment.In order to facilitate a reduction in carbon footprint recycled material is recommended for packaging goods.Transport is also responsible for high levels of carbon footprints and so proper planning and improvements in distribution logistics are critical to the efficient and effective management for the transport and delivery of goods to Amazin’s customers. Planning transport logistics efficiently will help reduce transportation costs and carbon footprints significantly. In fact a number of companies including Tesco are finding ways to improve distribution logistics and thereby reduce carbon footprint.Gazeleys, is a business development officer who also offers consultancy services to companies in the area of sustainable warehousing and distribution. In fact, Gazeley’s provides solutions for warehousing and distribution of goods.There is a minimum standard for comparing items. The baseline facility is a basic facility which meets the requirements for environmental sustainability. This facility can be used as a starting point for Amazin and later it could be used to facilitate further improvements in the company’s sustainability efforts.The information in Table 1 indicates that the facility will cost approximately £4.3bn to develop. The figures for the various elements were derived from information from suppliers and include the cost of installation of roof, panels, doors and roof lights. The materials are of the highest quality and some of them have been purchased from companies that have received recognition for their efforts towards sustainability. These companies supply goods that meet Carbon

Anthropology homework help