Anthropology homework help. Write 2 pages with APA style on Children education. Your Full Your 26 February Reading is Learning Education has become an important component of our lives, at least those of us who live in the developed world. It is not only useful in helping us gain advancement in various professions and attain personal enlightenment, but is also good for increasing our awareness of everything that surrounds us. Education is one of the most important things in our life. however, the best way to learn is to read. Reading is the key to knowledge and education.Reading is a habit that needs to be inculcated at childhood. Once fostered during childhood, it becomes a lifelong habit. What makes it an important skill for children to gain is because it is one of the most significant factors in education. Without reading, there can be no effective education, at least not the formal kind. As children develop their reading skills, school education becomes easier as they are able to read and understand written instructions. What is more, with reading comes a sense of wonder. children are able to read stories and learn of lands and things new to them. This enables them to learn more.The article by Meier, a male first grade elementary school teacher, along with relating his experience as a school teacher, also brings to light his joy in teaching young children to read and write. He relates his joy at being able to teach a child to write his name, as well sharing the experience of reading children’s stories with his students. Whereas Pam Krueger’s article basically gives tips on how to get children reading – she talks about how to encourage children at home as well as how parents can promote their children’s interest in reading by reading to them. Though the articles seem different in tone, however, both of them involve educating children and getting them to read.My personal experience with reading has also been of a similar nature. Through my reading, I have been able to learn a lot about the world around me as well as about various subjects of my interest. It is through my habit of reading that I have been able to improve and enhance my English language skills. English is not my first language, and though it seemed quite daunting at first, with my habit of reading, I soon became quite familiar with the language. It is because of my reading that my English has improved this much.It is clear that reading does a lot in improving one’s language skills. It is through reading that correct grammar and diction can be learned, and it is through reading that vocabulary can be expanded. However, apart from its linguistic related advantages, reading also expands knowledge, teaching things that were not known before. It is a habit that should, ideally, be inculcated in childhood so that children can improve their language skills and, when they grow up, teach themselves new things every day. It is, therefore, a very good habit to foster in children.Works CitedKrueger, Pam. “How to Get Kids Started Reading.” The Bismarck Tribune., 8 June 2010. Web. 26 Feb. 2011.Meier, Daniel. “One Man’s Kids.” The Name of the Book. Ed. Editor’s Name or Names. Place of Publication of the book: Publisher, Year: 70-73. Print.

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