Anthropology homework help. Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic What happen. What Happens” By 18 March 18 March “What Happens” The chapter focuses on Quantum Mechanism as a procedure used by physicists. The main focus of this field is to predict the probabilities of the future events. The probabilities follow the deterministic laws and it is one of the objections of Einstein regarding the quantum mechanics that it is based on chance of events. ‘Quantum mechanics is very impressive … but I am convinced that God does not play dice.’ (Zukav 68)In terms of procedure quantum mechanics can be divided into three steps with the first step involving the construction of the experimental apparatus. The second step involves the formation of a physical system to measure the results of the experiment. The third step is the translation of results into the mathematical language and in turn into mathematical equation. Therefore, quantum theory can be applied if the world is divided into two parts that are the observed system and the observing system. The two observables are then connected mathematically through correlation. However, in the real world things are not correlated, it is used to describe perceptions not realities. Quantum physics is based on the isolation that is created in idealization whereas in reality it is not possible to separate things from one another. The wave function of photon explained in the chapter is a good example of the probability aspect of the quantum mechanics. Thus, quantum mechanics deals with the subatomic realm and its probabilities as opposed to the classical physics that focuses on the real world as it appears.Works CitedZukav, G. The Dancing WuLi Masters – An Overview of New Physics. New York: Bantam New Age Book, 2012. 68. Print.

Anthropology homework help