Anthropology homework help. Which of the following is an example of a job in the tertiary sector of the economy? />manufacturing aircraft enginesworking as an occupational therapistharvesting strawberriessewing tags onto sweatshirtsWhich of the following is increasingly important in a postindustrial society?a college educationphysical strength and endurancea range of mechanical skillsknowledge about agricultureWhat are children taught more often in capitalist societies than in socialist societies?cooperationmutual supportcompetitionrespect for eldersWhat is a defining aspect of corporations?They have a legal existence separate from their members.They stifle competition by controlling the market for their products.They enrich their shareholders and their upper-level executives.They have headquarters in one nation and factories in other nations.Which of the following is an example of capital flight?an American company hiring tech-support personnel in the Philippinesa company declaring bankruptcy and liquidating its assets to pay its outstanding debtsa British company closing a domestic shoe factory and opening a new one in Vietnama company merging with its competitors and establishing a monopoly over its marketWhat is long-term unemployment?unemployment for six months or moreunemployment for three months or moreunemployment in which the person has stopped looking for workany unemployment that causes neg

Anthropology homework help