Alcohol Control Peoples. An alcoholic beverage is a drink that contains ethanol. Alcoholic beverages are separated into three types: beers, wines, and spirits. Alcohol is a substance that a lot of people, mostly of age and people underage drink to “forget about their troubles or problems”. People drink because they like it when it makes them feel on cloud 9, to feel at bliss. Alcohol is just a waste of time, money and patience. Drinking alcohol only makes you feel like you’re in another world, away from reality. But alcohol won’t help forget those things.
Yes it is good sometimes to let go and relax but that doesn’t exactly mean people have to get drunk to feel relaxed. Alcohol should be banned because nothing good comes out of drinking, it causes liver damage and you say things you don’t mean. Everyone knows that alcohol messes with your mind. Nothing good comes out of it because, alcohol makes you do things without thinking. For example, drinking any type of alcohol makes people not have any recognition of what happened during that period of time when they got intoxicated.
Being intoxicated makes the alcohol control peoples movements and your brain. Alcohol should be banned because when you get a hangover, it causes a severe headache. A migraine because people were over-drinking. Alcohol is practically ethanol. It’s the liquid we use to clean our cuts, for it cannot become infected. Anybody who drinks alcohol: beer, wine and/or spirits, they all contain ethanol. There is no point for people to practically drink ethanol just because they want to “relax”. It causes a severe headache, sensitivity to light, nausea, and/or vomiting.
Alcohol causes liver damage. There are multiple damages that can damage a persons liver. There is a chronic disease called Cirrhosis, cirrhosis causes scaring of the liver. Alcoholic Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver due to excessive alcohol in a body system. Alcohol damages the liver, it makes weak and poor to function. The liver is important organ in your body, it’s a fluid that breaks down fats so that smaller fatter molecules can be properly digested. Drinking alcohol will damage an important organ in peoples body.
The ethanol in the alcohol damages livers, there is no point of why people want to drink something that damages what they only have. Alcohol should be banned because it changes peoples body, their mental state, and their emotional state. It’s foolish to drink this alcohol if people know it has bad side effects. Everybody always has something on their mind that they want to say out loud. A lot of people just do not have the courage to do so. A lot of people like to drown away their sorrows or problems by drinking. Thinking it’s the only way they’d be able to say the things that they have in mind, by being drunk.
And when they are drunk, they are care-free, they have so much confidence to speak what they have in mind. Alcohol should be banned because a lot of people thinks it’s ok to be drunk because the wanna let go. They want to say what they feel, and they don’t want to feel what they say. People should be able to do that out of free will. They shouldn’t have to get drunk, just so they won’t feel any pain when they speak their minds. Alcohol is a bad substance, nothing good comes out of it, it causes problems in your body system, and you do and/or say stuff you don’t mean.
Alcohol should be banned because it’s idiotic, how people don’t research the bad side effects from drinking alcohol. That’s why people are dying because people don’t listen. They don’t think, what would happen if they become alcoholic. Alcoholism is a serious thing and people who are addicted to alcohol should seek treatment so they can get better. Alcohol should be banned because it cause families to suffer because of their loved ones who died of alcohol poising or too much alcohol. Alcohol is dangerous, unless you take the precautions like no driving while drinking.

Alcohol Control Peoples