About the Patients’ Vital Informations. The male patients being dealt with in the case is a 35 year old male who is married. He has been reported to have been involved in drinking since he was 16 years of age.
It could be noted that during those years, he developed a certain level of tolerance with the effect of alcohol upon his physical system. Within those years of tolerance, alcohol became medicine-like source of his calmness.
He claims in his narration of his experiences that he has normally been alcoholically dependent to the liquor that he drinks until his tolerance grew even weaker that he became much involved with drinking during parties. He admitted having to drink three rounds during parties then later on in the morning, he would still need to have another drink upon waking up to keep his sense back to normal for his job. At first, the seriousness of his tolerance towards the matter has not been recognized at once.
However, although he denied telling the physicians with regards his passing out at times, several memory problems every now and then, having hepatitis illness, and also having a diminished sexual drive, it cannot be denied that as the years of tolerance prolonged, his ability to perform his responsibilities to his family and his wife as well as his responsibilities in the job accurately diminished as well.
Although he continued denying the fact that there are already changes happening within his personal behavior, the symptoms became more and more obvious that it already affected his personal relationships and his reputation as an individual, most likely in terms of his professional life as he continues as an officer in an engineering company.
It is undeniable that his personal adjustments needed to be given attention to. Hence, he attended a 28-day in-patient alcohol rehabilitation process and later on continued a three month AA therapy. He was also given a tranquilizer by a physician; however, because of fear of being depended in the medicine, he refused to take the prescription given to him.
It could be noted through his narration of his past experiences and the progression that he particularly shows with regards his situation proves that he is quite in denial of the fact that he is already having a great tolerance with liquor intake. This effect upon his personal behavior could be noted to have detrimental effects with his personal dealings.
This is the reason why it is very important that the said individual be given assistance through professional help. It may be true that he is indeed in denial, but through careful assistance, it is undeniable that the process could still be successful for both the therapist and the patient himself.

About the Patients’ Vital Informations