9 Tips for Public Speaking. I remember the very first time I have to give a public speech. That was an amazing experience because I’ve never have that feeling before in my entire life, it’s the feeling of fear, stress, worry, nervous all mixed up together. Especially the 10 minutes before the presentation, it was absolute heart irritating. Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone. Many of us would like to avoid this problem entirely, but this is hard to do. Whether we work alone or with large numbers of people, eventually we will need to speak in public to get certain tasks accomplished.
And if we want to be leaders or achieve anything meaningful in our lives, we will often need to speak to groups, large and small, to be successful. The truth about public speaking, however, is IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL! If you correctly understand the hidden causes of public speaking stress, and if you keep just a few key principles in mind, speaking in public will soon become an invigorating and satisfying experience for you. Here’s My 9 Tips For Public Speaking :
1. Be organized and be prepared – When someone are giving a presentation about crap, you’ll know how much effort he put into the preparation of the presentation. This is the crucial step for a successful public speaking, organize and prepare all your material. For first timer you might want to write every single word out or you can highlight the important to helps remind you of the content. 2. Keep it simple – You do not want to create confusion in you presentation, so clarify everything by speaking straight to the point.
3.Practice your talk – Practice your speech in front of a full body size mirror. Take extra attention on your voice tone, body language and expression of your face. Make sure it is comfortable, natural and interesting. 4. Relax – Never, never, never get too nervous about public speaking. Try to think positive instead of worrying. Getting nervous may cause you to forget about your speech or making some mistakes on your presentation. 5. Arrive earlier – Make it early to the place where you are going to give the speech, clam down yourself, feel and get used to the atmosphere. . Never apologize for being nervous – This is the dumbest thing you can say in your presentation. The reason you are up there to give a speech is to have the audience listen to you, and to achieve that you must first gain their trust with your confidence. Saying that will only terminate all the attention because nobody wants to listen to newbie. 7. Be aware of your audiences – How do your audience respond to your presentation? Are they smiling when listening to you?
Or maybe laughing? Or are they yawning?. You must be aware of this, if they are yawning or starting to lose the attention already, you might need a 5 minute break to awake them and then continue after that. 8. Answering Question – People might have some question about the topic of your presentation, ask questions at the end of your speech. Answer what is questioned, do not get off-topic. This is the time to gain more trust of your audience by showing your expertise.

9 Tips for Public Speaking