. Week 2 Discussion: Identifying a Research Problem

Identify and reflect on a problem or issue, in your workplace or a context with which you are familiar that you would like to study more deeply. The problem or issue can be related to something you have observed in your practice, something you have read about in the news or in a professional journal, or anything you feel is of importance to your field as a whole. The issue should be manageable enough that, with a deeper look into the research literature, you will be able to identify the stakeholders that would be interested in the issue and propose a research-based solution to address the issue, as you would to these stakeholders.

For the Discussion, you will describe this issue and engage in a dialogue about it. To begin, think about how you would define the problem for your colleagues. How did you become interested in it? Why is it significant?

Post a brief description of the issue or problem. Include a brief explanation of the background context of the situation. Based on what you have learned about the research process thus far, explain your rationale for why a solution to the problem might be found by reviewing the research literature.